Posted by: Robo | August 27, 2010

Info on what I’ve been doing and what I plan to do.

Hello, I know I haven’t been posting here so… yeah. There has been a lot of stuff going on if that matters, but really I just forgot. What I plan to do though, is to be more active, but, you see, the other reason I haven’t is because I don’t feel like posting most of the time because I’m A.D.H.D and that means I can’t concentrate on writing post. Even if I did it wouldn’t be as good as if I had my medication. But if I get some comments on this maybe I will feel more inclined. So if you want me to do more reviews, say it! If you want me to do tutorials, also please do say. Also in other news I got an Xbox 360 so I could do reviews of Xbox 360 games, demos, arcade games, ect. Next review if you guys want me to is about the game Mafia 2 Demo.  I played it on the Xbox 360 and on the P.C, I will say more in a review.  If you guys don’t want me to (if anyone reads this) I wont, remember I need to know so if you do want me to say so in the comments, you can also request a game/demo for me to review but I may not because of money reasons. Thank you for reading this post, and please post comments telling me what you want :D.

Posted by: Robo | July 27, 2009

a cat with spots

a cat with black and wight spots it looked like a cow so i called it cow cat

Posted by: Robo | July 27, 2009

the cat gose MOO

cats dont go moo if a cat did that that cat would be a cow cat i saw a cat but thats a diffrent post what DO YOU THINK

Posted by: Robo | July 24, 2009

dont go to this server

this server sucks its horrable i dont meen to be rude but its is its on sa-mp

Posted by: Robo | July 24, 2009


time goes so fast and you wonder where dose its go?when your bourd it gose slow same when waiting for some thing then you wish time would go faster but before you wish for that think about this when you have fun time gose faster.before you know it it will be the end of summer and you will have to go back to shcool so before you wish time would go faster think about what iv just sead

Posted by: Robo | July 22, 2009


i must bid you a do becuse i did some thing wrong so bye